Domaine Dereskos is located in Messinia region of Peloponnese, next to Gargaliani town. The place is near by well known attractions, like Costa Navarino, Pylos, Voidokilia beach, Gialova.

The Domaine features

– 100 acres multivariate vineyards,  350 m. heigh to sea level

– the winery, wine factory building  & storage rooms

– the olive trees section

– the vegetables garden

– the wine tasting outdoor section and indoor hall

Theo Dereskos runs the company since 1994. Domaine Dereskos is highlighting to the special characteristics of the vines into this zone, in order to produce quality regional wines (vin de pays).



  • Dereskos Agrilia Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot
  • Dereskos Agrilia Grenache Rouge – Merlot
  • Dereskos Agrilia Chardonnay
  • Dereskos Sauvignon Blanc
  • Dereskos Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Dereskos Merlot
  • Dereskos Chardonnay


Contact us. Te. +30 6977474484


We sell our products at key point cellars, branded restaurants and hotels all over Greece.
A significant proportion of the wine production is exported to European countries such us Belgium, Germany and countries elsewhere like Canada, USA, Australia, and Hong Kong.

Since 2019 Domaine Dereskos offers Wine Tasting experiences, upon request. We welcome travelers, groups, schools, clubs.

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